About Me

Materia is what inspires me; within materials I can see the genius of Nature and Man, and the harmony of the whole Universe.
Watching and touching diamonds, steel, stone, glass, silk is what takes me to serendipity, and makes me feel the poetry that pervades our ambient; a hidden poetry…

My artistic experience is linked to this basic need.
Some of the art of the twentieth century has been for me a source of inspiration and a place to verify my work. It contributed to the creation of my imagination, my world of signs and my pictorial palette.

I experience art as a continuous research and experimentation of techniques and materials.
I use boards, plywood, crosslinks, plastics, paper for an almost carpentry construction of my works. Often the sketched sheets become an integral part of the pictorial composition: cuttings incorporated in a bulimic overlay of color, papers, clippings, photographs and more color.

I’m always striving to create in the viewer the wonder for materials and mechanisms.
De-anesthetizing apparently cold environments from static perception, and turning them vital.

For such reasons my works are a non-place – a sort of mental temple on which memories, visions, dreams are projected – where shapes and figures, with a dense material and color texture, define the space and attract the viewer on something seen but not observed: an emotional elsewhere where everything starts again in a new visual dimension.